This is a massive pack of fifteen outstanding rockets. Pack contains three different sizes of rocket, each packed with top quality effects which really pack a punch.

Firework Attributes
Category F3 - 25M
Tube Diameter (mm) N/A
Number of Shots N/A
Net Mass (g) 727
Qty Per Carton 10
Net Mass - Carton (kg) 7.27
Hazard Divison 1.3G
RRP £119.99

1st Strike

  • Brand: Taipan
  • Product Code: TF0827
  • Availability: Sold Out
  • Hazard Division: 1.3G
  • Gross Weight: 22.00kg
  • Net Mass: 7.27kg
  • Cubic: 0.15m3
  • Qty Per Carton: 10