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Mutiny: A Multi-Effect Finale for Rebels of the Night Sky (30mm, 47 Shots)

Prepare for a fireworks display that incites awe and ignites the night with the Mutiny compound firework. This powerhouse packs a staggering 47 shots bursting from a 30mm diameter tube, delivering a captivating spectacle of colour and effects.

Mutiny is a true rebel in the fireworks world, defying expectations with a dazzling array of effects. Witness a thrilling mutiny of:

  • Crackling comets: Silver streaks soaring skyward before erupting in a shower of crackling golden sparks.
  • Colourful bursts: A vibrant rebellion of colour explodes in the night, with shimmering reds, glistening greens, and explosive blues battling for dominance.
  • Gold willow effects: Delicate golden tendrils shimmer and sway, mimicking the graceful weeping willow tree.
  • Strobing effects: The night sky is set ablaze with a rapid succession of vibrant flashes, creating a dynamic and captivating display.

Mutiny guarantees a show-stopping finale for any celebration. Light the fuse, sit back, and watch as the night sky surrenders to a breathtaking display of rebellion and wonder.

Firework Attributes
Category F3 - 25M
Tube Diameter (mm) 30
Number of Shots 47
Qty Per Carton 2

Mutiny 47 Shot