Silent Nite may be low noise but the mix of colours and effects is dazzling! This 50 Shot Firework is perfect if you want a small low noise display or to add a colourful focal point to a traditional display. A run time of approx. 40sec combined with effects like White Blink with Red Falling Leaves, Red Fish with Blue Stars, Green Fix with Red Strobes and more make this a terrific all round firework.

Firework Attributes
Category F2 - 8M
Tube Diameter (mm) 20
Number of Shots 50
Net Mass (g) 319
Qty Per Carton 8
Net Mass - Carton (kg) 2.552
Hazard Divison 1.4G
RRP £34.99

Silent Nite

  • Brand: Absolute
  • Product Code: AF0618
  • Availability: Available to Order
  • Hazard Division: 1.4G
  • Gross Weight: 17.50kg
  • Net Mass: 2.55kg
  • Cubic: 0.04m3
  • Qty Per Carton: 8