Pre-order for 2024 - Dominate the night sky with the aptly named Aerial Supremacy firework rocket pack. This powerhouse collection boasts 15 rockets in three electrifying sizes, guaranteed to launch your bonfire night celebrations into the stratosphere.

Fireworks for Every Altitude:

  • 4 Medium Rockets: Soar into action with these agile flyers, perfect for kicking off the display or filling in quieter moments.
  • 7 Midi Rockets: Witness a dazzling mid-air spectacle with these rockets, bursting with vibrant colours and captivating effects.
  • 4 Maxi Rockets: Prepare to be awestruck by the finale! These titans of the sky will paint the night with breathtaking bursts and thunderous reports, leaving your audience speechless.

A Symphony of Effects:

Each rocket in the Aerial Supremacy pack is meticulously crafted to deliver a diverse display of awe-inspiring effects. Witness a mesmerizing tapestry of shimmering stars, crackling comets, dazzling colour bursts, and powerful booms guaranteed to take your breath away.

Light up your Bonfire Night with Aerial Supremacy and reign supreme over the neighbourhood!

Firework Attributes
Category F3 - 25M
Tube Diameter (mm) N/A
Number of Shots N/A
Qty Per Carton 10

Aerial Supremacy 15 Rocket Pack