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Ignite the Night with Burning Sky!

Burning Sky is a spectacular compound firework that will transform your night sky into a breathtaking display of colour, sound, and dazzling effects. This firework barrage packs a punch with a variety of effects launched from a combination of 25mm and 30mm diameter tubes, firing a massive 120 shots in quick succession.

Witness a captivating choreography of fiery comets reaching impressive heights, morphing into shimmering bursts of red, white, and blue stars. Crackling golden willows weep down the night sky, while dazzling palm trees erupt in a finale of colour.

Burning Sky is perfect for grand finales or creating the centrepiece of your firework display. With its diverse effects and rapid-fire pace, it will leave your audience spellbound, gasping in awe as the night ignites in a blaze of glory.

Here's what makes Burning Sky the star of the show:

  • Massive 120 shots for a prolonged and unforgettable display.
  • Combination of 25mm and 30mm diameter tubes launching a variety of effects.
  • Breathtaking effects including fiery comets, glittering stars, crackling willows, and dazzling palm trees.
  • Ideal for grand finales or the centrepiece of your firework display.

Make your next celebration truly unforgettable with Burning Sky!

Firework Attributes
Category F2 - 20M
Tube Diameter (mm) 25,30
Number of Shots 120
Qty Per Carton 1

Burning Sky 120 Shot Compound