• Hybrid Selection Box

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Hybrid Firework Selection Box: Light Up Your Night with Dazzling Diversity!

Transform your garden into a spectacular fireworks display with the Hybrid Selection Box! This all-in-one assortment boasts 26 incredible fireworks, offering a thrilling mix of effects to keep everyone mesmerized.

Unleash a Symphony of Colour:

  • 6 Cakes: Ignite the night with breathtaking multi-shot barrages, filling the sky with a vibrant cascade of colours and dazzling patterns.
  • 16 Fountains: Watch in awe as these majestic fountains erupt with shimmering sparks and crackling gold, creating a magical ambience for your celebration.
  • 3 Roman Candles: Experience the classic charm of Roman Candles, each firing a rapid succession of vibrant stars that paint the night sky with fleeting brilliance.
  • 1 Catherine Wheel: Witness a mesmerising vortex of colour and light with the grand finale - a spectacular Catherine wheel that spins and showers the night with a captivating display.

Perfect for all occasions:

Hybrid offers the perfect selection for any garden gathering, from birthday parties and summer barbecues to Bonfire Night celebrations. With a variety of effects and durations, this box caters to all tastes and creates a truly unforgettable fireworks experience.

Safe and Simple:

The Hybrid Selection Box includes a comprehensive safety guide and clear instructions for each firework, ensuring a safe and enjoyable display for everyone.

Light up your night with the Hybrid Selection Box and create lasting memories!

Firework Attributes
Category F2 - 8M
Tube Diameter (mm) 12 (max)
Number of Shots N/A
Qty Per Carton 3

Hybrid Selection Box