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The General: Take Command of the Night Sky

Prepare for a dazzling artillery barrage with The General, a phenomenal 108-shot compound firework that will transform your garden into a battleground of colour. This firework masterpiece packs a punch, firing a continuous stream of effects from its 30mm diameter tube for a heart-stopping finale to any celebration.

The General unleashes a relentless assault on the senses, firing a captivating medley of effects that explode high in the night sky. Witness a vibrant tapestry of brocade crowns, shimmering stars, crackling comets, and dynamic bursts of colour, all choreographed in perfect timing. The powerful finale intensifies the experience, leaving your audience breathless as the last dazzling effects fade into the night.

With The General, you'll be the commander of your own firework display, sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. This firework is perfect for garden parties, bonfire nights, and any occasion that demands a truly unforgettable spectacle.

Remember: Always follow the safety instructions provided. Only suitable for use outdoors in a clear, open space. Never point a firework directly at a person or property.

Firework Attributes
Category F2 - 20M
Tube Diameter (mm) 30
Number of Shots 108
Qty Per Carton 1

The General 108 Shot Compound